As a leader, it is vital to know what you’re giving voice to and how you’re giving voice to what matters for you.
— Anne Lemaire

Letting your natural voice resonate fully requires you to stay present, to be attentive, letting go of any preconceived ideas or goals, and accepting our emotions. Our in- and outbreath is our friend and guide. Singing is like reconciling opposites : while we let go of any striving, any craving for a specific outcome, we practice discipline, concentration, and attention. Singing means listening, listening to self  and listening to those who are singing/playing along with you. This practice requires a steadiness, a present-moment connection with your body and awareness of thoughts and / or emotions that are present.


As part of Alia's leadership intensive on Courageous leadership, I had the opportunity to contribute to the 'leadership as an art' track, offering a voice workshop Resonance: Giving voice to your inner leader. In this 3-hour journey, the 21 participants stretched beyond their comfort zone using their voice and explored what they stand for as leaders, how that manifests itself in their breathing and voice, how they co-evolved with others through singing and moving. Singing as a way to practice and experience our authentic presence, tuning in to self and others. 

Vous nous avez appris qu’il ne fallait pas nous sous-estimer, que l’on pouvait aller bien plus loin que ce que l’on pensait, qu’il suffit d’un peu de confiance en soi pour sortir notre propre chant, qu’il ne faut pas cacher ses émotions, et surtout, que le ridicule ne tue pas! ♬ ♬
J’ai été très surprise par cette énorme bonté et cette compréhension dont vous avez fait preuve ainsi que le groupe. ♪ En à peine quelques jours, nous sommes tous devenus soudés. Tous ces exercices que l’on trouvait sans doute tous un peu bizarres, nous ont, en fait, beaucoup aidés.”