Caught in the pressures of speed,  complexity and uncertainty, our old ways of doing things – often ‘linear solutions’ - fall apart. The impulse is to move faster, to work harder. But what’s needed is to STOP. We first need to step back, think more deeply and broadly, and learn to see and act in new ways.

My value ? I help you to see through, to disentangle and to simplify the complex and messy. To get ‘unstuck’. As we work together, options for action will emerge and we engage in adaptive action cycles, starting with simple actions.

What inspires me ? When I support organisations or people in transition, my main tools are ‘mindfulness’ and ‘Human Systems Dynamics’. Both are ways of ‘training in non-stickiness’, they help people to move away from what’s fixed, closed, sticky (usually the known ways of approaching/solving issues and/or questions) to a place where there is choice and openness, where they have options for action. 

Case :

Inverde is the forum for green expertise for the government and the green sector. 

Their struggle: Following up on progress towards their vision and realisation of their strategic plan.

Their request: Help us to set up a performance management system.

Our solution: Together with the leadership team, we plotted each element of the strategy on the three zones of Stacey's Landscape Diagram, and then created follow-up moments to fit the needs of each project and give room for the unique differences of the expert groups within the forum. In addition, we created a set of simple rules (rather than policies or processes) that people could refer to in case of doubt - these created patterns of collaboration, innovation and collective learning & exchange.