Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.
— Jon Kabat-Zinn

Put simply, for me, this means ‘being fully present to life and embracing what’s here’.

Mindful awareness is a practice that invites us to stop (regularly), to breathe and observe (with a beginner’s mind), to pay attention e.g. to our breathing (breath as a point attractor) and to honour our innner experience.

Mindfulness training is a method of developing the mind’s innate capabilities, giving us the possibility to move away from just operating on ‘automatic pilot’ and create space for what we really want.

Knowing yourself lies at the core of emotional intelligence, and the best mental app for this can be found in the mind-training method called mindfulness
— Chade-Meng Tan, Google


What do I do?


MBSR – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Thirty-five years ago Jon Kabat-Zinn, professor emeritus of medicine and founding director of the Stress Reduction Clinic, and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, developed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program. As a certified MBSR trainer (2 years' training in Nijmegen), I teach the 8 week program according to the set protocol.

What? Eight 2,5h sessions + a day of silence

When? Tuesday, Sunday or Friday evenings

Where? In the Brussels area


MBI – Mindfulness Based Interventions in organisations

Why? I believe that there is a lot of suffering in organisations. I’ve seen it from the inside when I still was part of the ‘corporate life’. Statistics about burn out and depression, both in Belgium as in Holland are confirming the obvious. People are hiding their frustrations, their inability, and their lack of enthusiasm because few have the courage to tell the truth, to go against the flow and be vulnerable.

What? Adapted MBSR (examples from the work environment; short meditations; ‘light’ homework) with a zest of the ‘Search Inside Yourself’ program from Google; in other words, I add elements from the neuroscience research, show people data/ facts about how the brain works, give them the insights to become as good at EQ (Emotional / Empathy Quotient) as they are at IQ (Intelligence Quotient).

When and where? On request, typically inside companies and business schools.

I have run MBI in organisations in Belgium.


trainer and trendsetter in ‘Mindful Leadership’

Why? Research in leadership skills tends to emphasize three basic areas: human skill, technical skill and cognitive skills. There is much less emphasis placed on the perceptual skills, or the ability to attend to experience as it is, without it being distorted by automatic patterns of thought or action. Furthermore, most leadership training offers a model, or a list of key competencies to be developed, as if there were just ‘one way to be a leader’! Mindful leadership does not force you into any model, or standard profile; it allows you to simply be more of who you are!

What? Many options are possible ranging from an 8 or 10-week program, with weekly or bi-weekly sessions to leadership retreats preferably in an inspirational place, in nature.

When? on request

Where? Intra / Inter-company 

Who? Leaders, managers in the ICT sector, financial industry, international organisations, NGO’s